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"I don't have to stay close to the washroom anymore"

- Anette, 55

“My anxiety was beginning to take over my life because I couldn’t control my bladder. I have been practicing Alex’s program for the past 10-weeks, and since starting it my leaking has completely gone away. I was able to stop taking my anxiety and acid reflux medication! I have been going for 10 kilometer walks because I don’t have to stay close to the washroom anymore and I have lost 10 pounds already! I don’t have any intention in stopping, I have never felt so motivated to keep up with my exercises. My wish is for every woman suffering from urinary incontinence to be able to try Alex’s program.”

"I have totally stopped leaking"

- Lorna, 79

“I have been leaking my entire life after having three children. I thought it was normal and I can remember many times being out of the house and I had to rush home because my pants were soaked. After trying Alex’s program, I have totally stopped leaking. I no longer have to worry about having an accidental in public. It is also a nice surprise that my core is now stronger and my back pain has gone away. All without having to make any changes to my routine! 3 minutes, that’s all!”

"There is life beyond the house"

- Linda, 64

“My experience with Alex has been pretty darn good. I started on this journey hoping to get some relief and Alex has been very helpful along the way. Any time I have needed anything I just emailed her and she responded very quickly. I so appreciate that. As I started out watching the initial video that I had seen on Facebook I became interested and thought “this may be the clear ticket for me” so I investigated further and it has been a great surprise! The biggest change in my life since starting Pelvic Floor Strong is feeling more confident that I can still get out there, there is life beyond the house and I can just enjoy life again!”

"My bladder leakage had significantly improved!"

- Mary, 56

“The turning point for me was years of a long build up of years of laughing, sneezing and peeing myself. I considered a pessary and surgery, but those didn’t feel like the right option for me. It was then that I stumbled upon Alex’s program and within one week my bladder leakage had significantly improved! The biggest change for me since starting the program is, of course, that I am no longer leaking! I just feel so free and I don’t have to worry about that next accident”.

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