Ten places near Brampton where you can pick Strawberries

(Last Updated On: 28 October 2021)

During the summer months, nothing is more delicious than a fresh strawberry. Luckily for Brampton residents, there are many places to pick your own strawberries within driving distance of downtown Brampton. Strawberry season typically lasts from May through mid-June (though it depends on weather conditions). Here are ten locations where you can go and enjoy picking your very own berries!

Strawberry Picking near Brampton

It wouldn’t be summer without ripe luscious strawberries. Pick them yourself with these 10 spots near Brampton!

Downey’s Farm

Downey’s Farm Strawberry-PIcking
Source: Downey’s Farm

Downey’s is open daily starting from early in the morning until afternoon. They charge a $3 fee, which is deducted when you purchase your berries at the checkout stand. You can either buy containers there or bring your own (they don’t allow picking into bags).

This place is a lovely spot to visit with children. There are several strawberry farms and you can pick your own strawberries when they’re in season, as well as feed animals like lambs or goats that the farm keeps. They have many jams, pies, honey and other local produce for sale once you’ve finished picking berries yourself!

Andrews Farm Market & Winery

Andrews Farm Market & Winery

In the summer months, nothing is more delicious than a fresh strawberry. Luckily for residents of Brampton and nearby cities, there are many places to go pick your own berries! We’ve compiled a list of ten locations that offer strawberry picking during the season in late. Visitors can enjoy a free weekday visit to the farm, but need to pay $6 on Friday through Sunday. Be sure to check out when they grow your favorite fruits by looking at their calendar online!

Applewood Farm

Applewood Farm
Applewood Farm

Applewood boasts itself as the home of a heaping basket. For $9, visitors can take advantage of their farm animals and nature trails while enjoying free access to playgrounds and wagon rides on weekends.

Whittamore’s Farm in Markham

This is a fantastic location to bring the kids! There’s plenty to do and see, which makes it ideal for children! The animals are sure to attract the attention of youngsters, as well as the playability of a playground. And every single employee we encountered was pleasant and helpful. And all that fresh fruit and delicious pies make it feel like heaven on earth!

The farm is open seven days a week, including Canada Day and other future holidays. Whittamore’s will be closing to the public in November after more than 200 years in operation, but there’s still time to pay it a visit.

It was one of the most beautiful moments in my life when I picked my first strawberry with my grandmother. We had a lot of fun together, and it was also one of the greatest days in our lives. The staff is welcoming and delightful, cookies are delectable and fresh, with just enough to find things you’ll want. Unfortunately, strawberry picking has ended, but Corn season is rapidly approaching.


Strawberries Picking
Strawberries Picking

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